We Connect Dots.

BlackBoxTech is primarily focused on cutting-edge technologies that solve real business problems.


BlackBox Technologies (“BlackBoxTech”) is a provider of information technology products & services.

The team at BlackBoxTech consists of experienced and passionate individuals who have brought innovative products to market and provided relevant, customized solutions to customers through close engagement. The team is passionate about solving problems whether it be through software product development, process management, data analytics or advisory services.

BlackBoxTech, through its partners is active in the open source community and has released some of its products into the community.

Why BlackBox Technologies ?

The technology industry has long been plagued by projects delays and cost overruns. BlackBox Technologies seeks to change this through process engineering and custom-crafting solutions.

We deliver on time and on budget.

We engage, we listen and we custom-craft solutions to meet specific business needs.

Our solutions are problem specific, created using a mix of processes and appropriate technology.

We believe in deep engaging with our customers. Our solutions are tailored and focused on resolving a customer’s specific business problems.

We have decades of experience providing technology and process driven solutions to a range of industry segments.


  • Research & Development

    The R&D unit researches technology trends, studies upcoming technologies, market dynamics and business needs.

  • Game Design & Development

    The game development unit dedicated to game design and development.

  • Software Development & Support

    Software development is what we do at the core. Our go-to development framework is the MERN stack. However, the company’s expertise extends into other development frameworks and tools.

  • Infrastructure Support

    Configuration, hosting and supporting applications & services on popular Cloud services providers like AWS & Azure platforms. We also manage websites, domains and email services.

  • Staff Augmentation

    The staffing resources unit helps customers meet their staffing requirement through Short term / Long term staff augmentation.


Our software development is primarily based on the MERN/MEAN stack framework. However, our expertise extends to other development platforms and frameworks. We use the development environment appropriate for the solutions we create.


JavaScript, React, Redux, jQuery, Angular, Vue.js, React Native, Objective C, Swift, Java


Node, Socket.io, PHP, Java, Spring, Graph API, Ruby on Rails, Python, C#, ASP.NET, MVC


Docker, Kubernetes, NGINX, PM2, Linux, Bash, IIS


GIT, Google Tag manager, Analytics


  • Online Travel and Hospitality
  • FinTech
  • Online Merchants / E-commerce
  • Retail Business
  • IT Security Solutions
  • OTT TV and Advertisement Platform (OTT SSAI)
  • IoT Smart Devices manufacturer
  • Vehicle Fleet Management
  • Human Resource Management

Featured Project

The company is a provider of OTT SSAI workflow solution. Its innovative and intelligent ad insertion technology consist of a suite of tools that feature SCTE35 markers, Intelligent graphics detection, CUE point scheduler and duration prediction.

MBK - Mobile Bookkeeping is an easy to use accounting app based on Double Entry Bookkeeping system. You can keep records of your transactions in the form of journal entries then get reports instantly.

The first automated authorization management solution. Authomize aggregates identities and authorization mechanisms from applications around your hybrid environment into one unified platform. This allows user and access management from a single unified control interface.

SykIoT is an app based IoT Smart Lighting solution. It uses Bluetooth and Wifi to connect to the Smart Lighting Base System to control the light fixtures and fans.

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